International launch of the digital version of:
Dreaming about an Optimistic Hospital

Monday, December 16th, 2019

7:30 > 8:30 a.m

IESE Business School New York Campus. 165 W. 57th Street. 1st Floor Common Room

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Book presented by:

Isabelle M. Germano, MD, MBA, FACS

Professor Neurosurgery, Neurology, Oncological Sciences
Director, Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program
Co-Director, Radiosurgery Program
Department of Neurosurgery
The Mount Sinai Medical Center

Florent Amion

CEO of Vygon Spain
President of Hospital Optimista Foundation

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Vygon SpainHospital Optimista Foundation

José Fonseca Pires

AESE’s Professor and Academic Subject
Head of Human Behaviour in the Organisation

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AESE Business School

Capacity: 50 people


The first five people to register will receive a copy of the printed book!


    If you are a physician, nurse or a hospital manager and you care about improving the psychosocial health of your hospital, your colleagues and your patients, you can’t miss this event.


    Isabelle Germano will share her views and thoughts about the book Dreaming about an optimistic hospital.

    Florent Amion and José Fonseca Pires will explain how to transform healthcare organizations into a healthy and happy environment for workers and patients.

    Dreaming about an Optimistic Hospital

    Soon available on Amazon


    “It’s a script for those who want to change. It’s a way to do more and do it better. It’s quick to read, but that’s why it can be reread many times. It has to be reread many times. It is scientifically strong. It looks like a dream, as the title indicates, but it’s not that either. It is a roadmap for change.”

    Fernando Leal da Costa

    Former State Secretary for Portuguese Health System and Minister for Health of Portugal

    «Dreaming of an optimistic hospital identifies with us, challenges us, leads us down unforeseen paths, leads us to identify with it and guides us with mastery, subtlety and provocation through the wisdom, sagacity and formative orientation through its pages.»

    José Manuel Silva

    Member of the National Executive Council of the Portuguese Medical Association, representative of the Portuguese Medical Association in the World Medical Association.

    “Humanizing is in the essence of medicine and health professionals, so we must all contribute with our drop of water to achieve this culture change, as the hummingbird fable in the book explains.

    Therefore, this publication, full of love, understanding and optimism is a unique opportunity, because it teaches us that d

    Deputy Director General for Quality and Innovation at the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality of Spain

    reams are possible and gives us the tools to achieve them».

    Paloma Casado Durández

    Deputy Director General for Quality and Innovation at the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality of Spain

    «It is a book easy to read but very difficult to assume, since the true author is each reader, who must answer each of the questions that arise within. You can finish reading it, but not live it

    It represents a new generation of academic books which are alive, which excite us and teach us how to fly and build wings.»

    Pablo Cardona Soriano

    Dean of the Faculty of Business and Communication. Doctor in Management from UCLA (USA)