Dreaming of an optimistic hospital… But what is an optimistic hospital?

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Healthcare organizations are tremendously complex organizations.

They  must  offer  quality  care  24 hours a day, 365 days a  year.  In  this  never-ending dance, up to 200 types of socio-health professionals are unified by a single misson: to cure us, or at least to take care of us.

No matter if it is a traffic accident, a persistent cold, an unknown disease or even an imaginary one, health professionals offer us the best they have, at any time of the day or night.

Added to this highly complex mission that consists of caring for human beings at a difficult time in their  lives, we must consider,  among  other  factors,  the  pressure  of  care  ( that   does  not  stop  increasing),  the  lack   of   resources   (is   there   a   limit   to   improve   the patient’s experience?) and the growing role of technology (and its association with dehumanization).

Result?… the weakest link suffers…

And I’m not talking about the medical devices or the buildings, I’m talking about the people who work in a health organisation: the human factor.

Regardless of which country we look at, things are more or less the same. Between 25 and 50% of health professionals do not enjoy good mental health. From apathy through burnout to suicide, there is no national health system than can ensure that their caregivers perform their duties to the fullest extent of their resources and capabilites. The related cost is immense. Both economic and human:

  • absences (leading to an increase in waiting lists),
  • diagnostic errors (involving costs of stay, treatment),
  • defensive medicine (too much evidence to avoid reporting),
  • absence of synergies (corporate silos between departments),

And of course a patient experience (not to be confused with patient satisfaction) which suffers from this situation.

From the Optimista Hospital Foundation, we have proposed to contribute to the improvement of the health of sanitary organizations.

We have chosen to do so by offering:

  • Simplified concepts (but not simple concepts!) that can be understood by all healthcare professionals. That is why we speak of an Optimistic Hospital, to  refer to health organizations that have a good organizational
  • Optimistic Hospital Awards that highlight the best teams, centres, projects, managers and collaborators in the country since 2015 with our friends from the WANT research group from the Universitat de Jaume I de Castellón. In these Awards we see the spirit and essence of our Hospital Optimista reflected. To transform a center into an Optimistic Hospital, much work needs to be done to make the hospital aware of its
  • A popular book written with our friend José Fonseca Pires that offers a multidisciplinary vision. Through this essay, Dreaming of an Optimistic Hospital, we offer approaches from positive organisational psychology, organisation management, leadership, neuroscience, coaching, humanisation of care, competence management, prevention of occupational
  • The objective of this blog is, among other things, to answer your doubts, make you smile and perhaps even make you dream?
  • We offer practical tools to change the organizational culture of your departments. From 19 November  2019  the  Optimista  Hospital  Foundation with the collaboration of Feedbalia will offer an App to transform the culture of complaint into one of thanks.

And to close today’s post we will finally answer the question that many of you ask us….

What is an Optimistic Hospital?

An Optimistic Hospital is a healthy healthcare organisation.

A healthy healthcare organisation is one that is capable of fulfilling its raison d’être and of seeking medium- and long-term sustainability while respecting its environment.

In order to do so, it must achieve three objectives simultaneously:


Florent Amion

Presidente de la Fundación Hospital Optimista



Do you want to know more? We will present the book in NYC the 16th December 2019. Do you want to join us?



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