Fly High Captain Optimistic!

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He’s the hero who lives and works at Optimista Hospital. Surely you know him!

You come across this person every day in the corridors of your health centre. It is this doctor who plays with the children so that they relax before entering the operating room. It’s this administrative assistant who treats everyone with a smile.

He is someone who puts his strengths at the service of others. Someone who has understood that to «flourish» in his life, to feel happy and complete has to add:

A transcendent purpose.


A positive attitude of openness, of learning.

You know him, don’t you?

He is someone who lives connected with the deepest part of his essence, with his passion, which is to care for and heal others. He knows the value of a grateful smile. He focuses on the most favorable aspects of each situation. He is able to transform himself into an informal leader to turn his dreams into reality. He is the Optimistic Captain. In our book Dreaming of an Optimistic Hospital we reveal some of its main characteristics:

Captain Optimistic

Whoever you are dealing with (patient, family member, manager, partner). Captain Optimist does not look at the age, gender, race, religion, social class or capabilities of the person he is dealing with. Captain Optimist does not allow himself to be dominated by the stress, ego or limiting beliefs and puts himself in the service of others. He does not talk about «his patient», «his shift», «his plans». He is collaborative.

Captain Optimist sees things on a more positive note, regardless of whether they are good or bad. Savours the wonder of life. Has a lot of vitality. Shows his/her positive mood. His smiles are contagious. With a positive attitude, it is easier to take on the challenges presented to us. It makes us more tolerant and open, and we adapt better to changes, enriching ourselves as people.

Even if he does not have the power that confers a formal and hierarchical responsibility over other people, Captain Optimist knows that anyone can become a leader, as he knows that everyone can place themselves at the service of the others. The leader is someone whom others look at and follow because they admire and respect him. They follow him because they have decided to do so. They have given him authority.

Captain Optimist knows himself. Knows to manage his/her emotions. Understands the emotions of others (sick people, family members and peers). Knows how to manage the emotions of others. Demonstrates empathy in managing the emotions of others.

Captain Optimist is interested in continuing training and learning by setting personal goals that lead to feeling happiness for the job well done. He knows that learning can always take place, that every moment is an opportunity to improve. The perspective given by experience leads to prudence in judgements and decisions when circumstances so require. He shares acquired knowledge. He is humble in learning from others.

Captain Optimist is resilient.  Does not bend in the face of adversity. He is strong. He does not complain. He uses negative experiences for learning and absorbing stress and failure as engines of change, not as bottomless wells in which to gloat. Strengthens himself on every little bit of progress, on every triumph: celebrates every step or milestone. He knows that you can only get things done by being persistent. He feeds the flames of hope.

Captain Optimist is aware of the importance of the body/mind/energy balance. He attains it through: Healthy food, Adequate rest, Work-life balance, Moderate sport, Laughter with Friends, Fun hobbies and Meditation.

When it seems that nothing can be done, then there is much to be done! A Captain Optimist does not look for excuses, takes as truth the parable of the hummingbird and does their part. Is the engine of change. Is brave. Is innovative. Is curious, looks at things from a different perspective. A blank wall can become a mural of paintings, glass on a blackboard …his service in an Optimistic Building.

What makes the Captain Optimist truly invincible is that he has become aware that he has wonderful abilities that can change the world (the world of many people). He does not compare himself with anyone, he knows they is a unique and wonderful being. Demonstrates gratitude for life. Feels happy and grateful. Values the small gestures of service and kindness that they have with him. Knows how to say, “thank you very much.

Did you like meeting our Optimistic Captain? I’m sure you’ve recognized yourself in many ways and have been able to discover some behaviors that you could improve. That’s what Captain Optimism was born for. To fly high and inspire you in your daily life.

Florent Amion
President of Hospital Optimista Foundation

José Fonseca Pires
Professor at AESE Business School



Do you want to know more? We will present the book in NYC the 16th December 2019. Do you want to join us?


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