FHO participates in an event on happiness and organisational well-being

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Hospital Optimista Foundation participates on Thursday October 4 in the Day INNOVANDO EN LIDERAZGO (INNOVATION IN LEADERSHIP). New trends in emotional well-being in organizations. The session, organized by Neurochange Lab! is one of the main national meetings on health and organizational well-being, the raison d’être of the Foundation.

Can leaders, entrepreneurs and teams be happier with themselves and with the performance of their work? This is the question that this congress wants to answer. Their will is to show the evident benefits of applying emotional health measures and practices in those who lead.

In addition, several speakers will explore the trends in emotional well-being that are already taking place in the environment of business, education, health and entrepreneurship.

The aim of the conference is to inspire attendees, encourage them to practice the latest trends in wellness at work and establish links between people and organizations interested in improving their work environments.

You can still register for free and see the full program here!

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