FHO participates in the First Humanization Conference of Brother San Juan de Dios

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The concept of humanization is gaining ground in the health field, to such an extent that it is considered a differentiating element that provides added value to those who decide to implement it. For this reason, San Juan de Dios Hospital is organising the 1st Humanisation Conference on 8 November and the President of the Optimista Hospital Foundation, Florent Amion, will give the paper Humanise ourselves to humanise: the wellbeing of health professionals.

As you know, Amion began a process of organizational transformation in the company in which he is CEO, Vygon Spain. After several years of change, today its employees work in a happier, more pleasant environment that offers psychosocial security.

Now, he has created the Optimista Hospital Foundation in order to help healthcare organizations become healthy organizations that offer a human service to patients and in which employees are happy.

You can register here and see the full program here!

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