FHO participates in the XXXVI Congress of the Spanish Society for Healthcare Quality

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The XXXVI Annual Congress of the Spanish Society for Quality of Care will be held in Burgos on 17, 18 and 19 October. The president of the Optimista Hospital Foundation, Florent Amion, will participate as a speaker, talking about organizational development tools to improve communication.

In his presentation on 18 October, Amion will review the internal communication strategies and consolidation of his team to transform the company Vygon Spain into a healthy company.

In addition, he will explain how, through the Optimista Hospital Foundation, it can help to turn hospitals into healthy environments that stand out for the happiness of their employees and the humanised care of patients.

This year’s Congress will focus on the evolution and progress of Healthcare Quality, analysing the present and identifying the keys to the future of quality care, without renouncing excellence. You can see the complete programme here.

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