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The dream team of an Optimistic Hospital is made up of three types of superheroes, one of which is the Green Nose Managing Director.

The Green Nose Managing Director is the person who assumes responsibility for the healthcare organization.

Not only must he behave like a Positive Manager, but he must also, as you may have guessed, have the soul of a Captain Optimistic.

He shares virtues and strengths with Captain Optimistic. In our book Dreaming about an Optimistic Hospital and in our blog you will find the set of behaviors, attitudes and values that lead Captain Optimistic towards a more humane way of doing things:

Captain Optimistic

These behaviors and values form the DNA of the Captain Optimistic and are present in the Positive Manager and the Green Nose Managing Director.

In addition, the Green Nose Managing Director must lead the organization along the path of transformation to a positive corporate culture.

The Green Nose Managing Director should be the guardian of the effectiveness of the system, the training of professionals and the corporate unit.

To do this, they must use all organizational tools in a transparent and effective way.

It is very important for the Green Nose Managing Director or the Positive Manager to report on a regular basis in a simple and concise way to the whole organization or its team about the results obtained.

The Green Nose Managing Director must prepare other leaders so as not to become irreplaceable.

Policies that align and build trust

In order to build an Optimistic Hospital, the Green Nose Managing Director promotes equal opportunity policies for all, regardless of their abilities, gender and age.

A fair and motivating incentive plan for everyone:

  • A policy to balance working and family life.
  • The promotion of learning through a continuous training plan and/or distance learning through online training.
  • A policy of promoting physical well-being through sport and a balanced diet.
  • Continuous and effective horizontal and vertical communication. Achieving the right quality of content, tone and frequency is the great challenge.


the source of information

is always responsible for what is understood.


  • The creation of a climate of psychological security.

This implies generating spaces where one knows one can «open up» because there is confidentiality and respect.

This also implies offering a framework where error is not concealed, but managed: not to blame, but to learn…

Department heads must create and sustain this climate. They can also count on the external help of specialized professionals (psychologists, trainers…).

I’m sure you’ve been able to recognize many of these characteristics in yourself and in some of your co-workers. You may also have found areas of improvement that allow you to continue growing as a professional.


If enjoyed meeting the Green Nose Managing Director, don’t miss the Captain Optimistic and the Positive Manager.

Florent Amion
President at Fundación Hospital Optimista

José Fonseca Pires
Professor at AESE



Do you want to know more? We will present the book in NYC the 16th December 2019. Do you want to join us?


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